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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Ethics services

Our newest field and the most exciting and novel area for your organization to get ahead

MyEDPO provides Artificial Intelligence and Data Ethics consulting services. This involves both compliance with EU regulations, and ethics consulting. 

Our services include:

  • Conducting AI Risk Assessments

  • Assessing manipulative, social scoring, and biometric AI systems. 

  • AI Pre-authorization

  • Procedures and processes for high risk AI systems: biometric identification, critical infrastructure, educational and vocational training, employment management, essential services, law enforcement, migration and asylum and border management, public administration. 

  • AI Provider obligations: quality management systems, risk management systems, data quality criteria, bias detection and prevention. 

  • Technical documentation, user transparency, registration, human oversight.

  • Training and awareness

  • EU Artificial Intelligence Regulation compliance

  • Article 25 AI Representative service in the EU

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